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Iowa Health Insurance and IA Life Insurance are essential for a family's well beingFinding affordable health insurance may seem like a daunting task.  With the Affordable Healthcare Act and new regulations taking effect, people are more confused than ever.  How do you sort through plans, deductibles, and networks, and choose a policy that makes sense for you, your family or your employees?

We specialize in Iowa health insurance and can be an excellent resource when you want to evaluate health plans.  You may discover that you can find a lower cost option through an independent agent than you can through your employer.  This is because these agents can compare plans from multiple carriers to find the best fit and rates.

How to Buy Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

If you are self-employed or you are not obtaining healthcare coverage through your employer, you need at least a basic health insurance plan to ensure that you are prepared for an unforeseen health condition or injury.

A full-coverage health insurance plan may be more suitable for your needs if you have dependents, you are getting ready to start a family, or you have a family history of certain health risks, such as heart disease.  You should ensure that your healthcare plan helps you to pay for the broader set of services you need.

Use the handy checklist below to help you decide what kind of coverage may be right for you.

Health Chart

Is Life Insurance a Life or Death Matter?

You are not planning to have a heart attack tomorrow, or get a cancer diagnosis, or accidentally step out in front of a bus.  For that reason, and especially if you are young and healthy and have no dependents, life insurance probably isn’t for you.  Or is it?

Let’s look at what life insurance is, what it covers, and why people buy it.  Then you can decide if now is the time to to work with one of our agents who specializes in life insurance.  Because we work with multiple life insurance carriers, we can compare policies and options on your behalf and help you make the best choice.  Contact us for help meeting your life insurance goals.

Life Insurance Statistics

  • 40% of American adults have no life insurance
  • Over 50% of U.S. households lack adequate life insurance coverage
  • About 40% of people surveyed say they would have immediate financial trouble if the primary wage earner in their household died

Why Buy Life Insurance?

As with all insurance, life insurance plans are about preparing for the unexpected.  We don’t plan to have a heart attack or meet an untimely end.  We may fret about the unforeseen, but there are few ways to prepare for it.  Life insurance provides a way to be prepared and get peace of mind.

The main reason to buy life insurance is for financial protection for your family and dependents.  If you are the sole income earner or the major provider in your family, then life insurance definitely makes sense.  If you should die unexpectedly, your policy will help your loved ones pay your final expenses and potentially receive ongoing support.  The amount they receive will depend upon the size of policy you buy.

This information was sourced from Trusted Choice